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Frequently Asked Questions


Is my data safe with you?

Your data is our first priority on each job we do.
Unlike some others, we DO try to back up your data before attempting any major repair.
Of course, taking regular backups yourself is important!

Your privacy is also important to us - we make every effort to ensure your data is protected. Please read our Privacy Policy page for more information.


Can I drop my computer off to you now?

We work from home so while our working and reception hours are very flexible, sometimes we may not be in. Please arrange a booking.


How long will my repair or upgrade take?

We always endeavour to complete a job within 3 working days of receiving it. Some may take a bit longer, especially if we need to source any specific parts. If you need your computer back in a hurry, please ask about our Rapid Turnaround express service.

Do you offer an express service for rush jobs?

Yes! For an additional charge, our 'Rapid Turnaround' service is offered to businesses or individuals who must have their PC back as soon as possible.
If necessary we will work overnight to keep the turnaround time down to a minimum.
If you require more info please contact us.


What is your hourly rate for repairs and upgrades?

To be fair to our clients, in our workshop we generally charge on a 'Per Job' basis - not 'Per-Hour'.
A quote will be given before any major repairs are carried out. Most repair charges range between £30 and £80.

On site work varies but is generally between £30 and £40 per hour depending on requirements.

Our rates are very competitive in comparison with High Street computer shop prices.

There is a minimum diagnostics/disassembly fee of £20. This fee will be deducted from your final bill if the item is repaired.


Do you sell computer components? - Will you supply parts for my repair?

We do keep a range of genuine, branded laptop chargers for sale. Please contact us for details.

We don't sell any other computer products online or in a shop but we do keep a few of the more popular items on hand for repair purposes.

If you are upgrading your computer or your repair job requires parts, we can either:

1. Let you purchase the necessary component(s) based on our recommendations of specifications and supplier.

2. Purchase the parts on your behalf.

General components are purchased from a local shop or online. Online orders are normally received by the next working day. A deposit will be required for 'special-order' items we do not usually stock.


Do you build or supply computers?

We do not supply computers at the moment, but that does not mean that we cannot be of help to you. We can:

1. Offer advice about what hardware will fit your requirements.

2. Compile a tailor-made 'shopping list' of components for you with links to reputable suppliers.

3.Assemble a PC from the components you have purchased and test the unit for you.

Your components will be covered under individual warranties from the supplier or manufacturer.
The online suppliers we use from time to time include Ebuyer, DABS and Novatech.


Do you repair laptops?

Yes! From broken screens to faulty charging systems, we can fix many laptop specific problems at a fraction of the cost charged by the manufacturers. Please contact us about your laptop problem for an estimate or book your laptop in for diagnosis and a fixed quote. For more info about our Laptop Repair services in Sittingbourne, Kent, please visit the Laptop Repair page.


Do you repair inkjet or laser printers?

Sorry, we don't. Sadly, consumer inkjet printers are generally not designed for field repair. Sending your inkjet printer back to the manufacturer for repair probably won't be cost effective as they are so cheap to buy nowadays. Laser printers and wide format printers can be repaired by Stockleys Ltd in Faversham Kent. Visit their website at


Do you repair monitors (screens)?

We can repair most branded TFT monitors but not CRT Monitors.

Many TFT (LCD - Flat Screen) Monitors are covered by a three year manufacturer's warranty. It is recommended that you contact the supplier or manufacturer if it is still in warranty.

Generally, repairs to monitors are not worth doing unless it is a high-end, expensive model.

CRT Monitors (the bulky older ones) can usually be repaired by your local television repair shop but unless they are high-end models that cost a lot to replace, they are generally not worth repairing. They must however be disposed of properly. Please contact your local council for recycling and disposal schemes in your area.


Do you repair Xbox, Playstation or Wii Consoles?

No, sorry, we only repair PC's and Macs.

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