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"MANY THANKS for the fast, efficient and friendly service in repairing my laptop..... I will certainly use your services again should the need arise."
- Lyn Wakeman

"I cannot rate Julian highly enough. He is professional, knowledgeable and above all, friendly. He took my slow computer and tripled its memory, debugged it and added a graphics card - exactly as I had asked. He then sorted out my son's Mac. He even came out to sort out a wireless modem - that's service. He's a gem I'd like to keep secret but I won't hesitate to recommend him to any one who has computer problems.
Many thanks Julian."
- Janine Brodigan

"Hi Julian!
Just a quick note to say thank you for sorting my PC out.....I've managed to fight the kids off long enough to have a go myself and it's running better than ever (which probably goes without saying, but I thought I would anyway!).
Thanks again"
- Christine Heathfield

"The hard drive in my computer gave up the ghost. After having left it with one of the larger IT companies in my area for a week, they informed me that they could not recover any data from the drive. (and they charged me a fee!)
I decided to try a small firm up the road from me in Sittingbourne, and spoke to Julian, who was very helpful and agreed to see me the same day. I took the computer round to him that evening, and he assured me he would do all he could to save any information from the drive. Hoping to get the computer back a couple of days later, I was shocked when Julian rang me the following morning to say he had managed to retrieve said information from the drive. Julian is a pure diamond, professional, very courteous, and from my first encounter with him, I can say without prejudice that Julian is a man who can deliver. I would not hesitate to refer him on to friends who have faulty computers - actually I would have no problem taking their computers to Julian myself"
- Tony Vera-Cruz

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thank you
Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time out of your busy schedules to write to us.
We appreciate it very much!

We love getting positive feedback from people and companies we have helped. Here's a selection of testimonials from some of our valued clients:

"Dear Julian,
I was a bit worried about sending my laptop to you for repair, but I must say that I need not have worried your repair and quick return of the laptop was much appreciated. I would certainly recommend you for 'repairs by post'.
PC-World wanted a lot of money to repair my laptop (they would only consider replacing the motherboard) so your repair has saved me a lot of money. In fact without your reasonable repair cost it would have been cheaper for me to buy a new laptop. Many thanks for a speedy and cost efficient repair. Best Regards" - John E.
"I have known Julian for some years through his work at Computers Plus in Sittingbourne and lately as an independent supporter of people like myself. I am a user of computers and the associated technology but do not have the understanding of the intricacies of the technology and the where-with-all to make repairs and to analyse faults.

Julian has always impressed me with his knowledge of the workings of the technology and his willingness to investigate problems and to find a solution to them quickly and very economically. Now that he is working independently, his premises are easily accessible and his turn-round time remarkable. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who is in need of help, guidance and an efficient and economical repair." - Alan Foot
"I have known Julian ever since he came to Sittingbourne. He set up a new computer purchase for me and since then I have always asked him to ‘tidy’ my hard disk on a regular basis. The results are always very satisfactory. Also, being an absolute dunce at righting software anomalies, interpreting handbook instructions, not to mention getting rid of unwanted pop-ups.

I have often consulted Julian, using him as my personal ‘hotline’. He has always offered support putting forward helpful solutions and talking me through procedure with patience. Whatever the circumstances I have found Julian to be most courteous and helpful. He has a charming manner even when faced with my ignorance and repetitive questions.
AND my system is still alive and working well !" - Ann Rich
"Dear Julian, I wish to thank you for the excellent service you recently provided regarding my new home PC Installation. From my initial enquiry, through to the Installation of the new computer and associated accessories during your visit to my home, your service was both excellent and professional. I also wish to thank you for the advice and the research you carried out following some Internet Service Provider issues I encountered. I am happy to inform you these issues have now been resolved following your advice and recommendations. I will not hesitate to use your services again in future, and recommend you to my friends, family and work colleagues." - Mark Kirby
"I had recently been experiencing many problems with my computer, to the point where I was dreading to switch it on. It had become infected with viruses, spyware, trojans and more. I contacted Julian and explained the situation, he said he would need to have the P.C. for a couple of days, but was confident he could fix it. Two days later I had it back working perfectly. The service he gave me was superb, and I found him very polite, professional, and thorough, at a very reasonable price as well. I would have no hesitation in using Julian's services at any time in the future." - Len Biggs- Labtech Services (UK) Ltd
"I recently decided to do a large upgrade on my PC and was really happy when I found out that Julian was still doing it. I was always impressed with the standard of his work in Computers Plus. I got in contact and was given many options and advice free of charge. The work was done quickly and very efficiently. In short, I wouldn't trust my PC with anyone else in the area and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to my family and friends." - Darrell Judd
"I first met Julian when he worked for Computers Plus and the hard drive on my desktop had failed. Not only did he source a cost effective replacement he was able to recover my data and provide extras like antivirus freeware.

I have confidently entrusted him with other tasks like upgrading RAM and providing other hardware. He always takes time to explain options and source alternatives, charging very little for a complete service.

I get confused, like many others, with the jargon and acronyms of the computer world.
Julian provides enough explanation to boost your confidence in solving problems and exploiting this fantastic technology" - Jim Hopkins
"Hi Julian,
This is a very belated Thank You for coming out to fix my computer on NEW YEAR'S DAY !
That is what I call dedicated service .
Apologies for not getting in touch sooner but have been celebrating by catching up on all the work - thanks to you. Enjoy 2008" - June Kashita
" Dear Julian,
Thank you for your friendly help with the problems I have had with my computer.
I appreciate the service you have provided and have no hesitation in saying I will be definitely using your services again if the need arises. Thanks " - Berni Smith
" Thank you SO much for giving my computer a going over. Its performance is unrecognisable from the mess delivered to you just 3 days ago. It's the best 40 quid I have spent in ages. About the same as renewing Norton for a year. Fantastic! " - Charles Ebers
" A big thank you for the excellent repair to the power socket on my lap top. It couldn't have been completed quicker - I was really impressed. I will recommend you to my friends. Thanks again. " - Chris Howland
" Hey, just wanted to say thanks for a good job, I haven't encountered any problems with my PC so far - no crashes, freezes or anything, i'll definitely be coming back to you should I need anything else done, so yea, just writing to say thanks again." - Ben Wood
" Many many thanks for your help in cleaning up my computer and fixing the connection. It runs so much faster now. Also for setting up my grandchildren's laptops so that when "Father Christmas" called they were all ready to use, they are absolutely delighted with everything you have done for them.
I have no reservations in recommending you to anyone, it's a pleasure to meet someone who is polite, knowledgeable and has a commitment to putting things right without making me feel inadequate. " - Sue Grigsby

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